Course structure

Our course

  • Climb to Thrive is a free indoor bouldering course aimed at anyone with a mental health condition to help support management and recovery. 

  • People come along twice a week for 8 weeks:
    • One weekday evening and one weekend session, or whichever sesions suit you best 
    • Each session last 1 and ½ hours.
  • Each of the 16 sessions has a dedicated session plan and  10 principle psychological principles of bouldering linked to improvements in mental wellbeing are embedded within the session plans.
  • If you are worried about signing up for a full course and just want to see if bouldering is for you, you can try out one free climbing session through our charity partner C/A/S/M  @

15 session plans focus on ensuring that individuals learn the fundamental skills of bouldering including: safe practice; movement and techniques; balance and coordination; problem solving and route reading; breathing and body tension; confidence and managing fear/anxiety; footwork and weight transfer.

There is also a dedicated “Yoga Strength and Conditioning for Climbers” session plan, which further helps embed the principles of mindfulness within the programme.

Where does it take place?

The Depot Climbing Centre Manchester

Central Park Trading Estate,

14 Mosley Road,



M17 1PG.

There are numerous career paths within climbing and individuals will be supported to explore these with the BMC if they are interested through the provision of optional session outlining opportunities.

Individuals will received a Certificate of Completion from the BMC.