Frequently asked questions

 Common questions

A lot of people have never heard of bouldering and that in itself can put people off but don't let it! It is a brilliant, fun and welcoming activity open to virtually everyone of any size or shape or level of fitness. We have been asked a number of questions about that keep cropping up and hopefully this page will answer your query but if not, just contact us through Contact Us page and we will be more than happy to help

Q.     What even is bouldering?

Bouldering is a form of climbing but you don't climb very high and you don't use any ropes and no equipment is needed. Within the climbing wall there are lots of different coloured routes that vary in how hard they are. Taking place on state of the art matting, there are lots of easy climbs (called problems) that anyone can do regardless of fitness but don't worry, everything will be explained to you and it isn't complicated.

Q.     What do I wear?

Wear something you feel comfortable in and that you can easily move your arms and legs about. Any time of sports clothing is fine. It can get a little cold sometimes so it is handy to have a jumper or hoody that you can take on and off.

Q.      Are there any hidden costs?

No! Your entry to the climbing wall and shoe hire is free as we are seeking funding to cover that. The coaching is free as we all work as volunteers. There is a cafe where you can buy hot and cold drinks and they do serve food and snacks but equally you can bring you own drinks and snacks, lots of people do.

Q.      What if I miss a sesson?

Ideally you should attend all of the sessions but we don't live in an ideal world and things do crop up. If you do miss a session we will just work a bit more closely with you on the next session to cover anything you missed. We all learn at different rates anyway and we will work to support you as an individual.

Q.      What if I'm scared of heights?

A lot of people who are scared of heights still boulder because you don't climb very high. If you ever feel uncomfortable with a move you can just come down and try a different route, there is no pressure to do anything you feel unhappy about.

Q.      Will I get injured?

With any sport or activity there is a risk of injury and bouldering is no different. However, you will be taught how to climb safely and what the best practices are to avoid potential injury by our qualified and friendly staff.